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tamamlandı Army of Darkness (1992)

Yağızhan Helvacı

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Yağızhan Helvacı




Army of Darkness (1992)

  1. R
  2. 1 hour 21 minutes
  3. Movie

  1. Rating
  2. Director
  3. Writer
  4. Release Date
    Feb 19, 1993
  5. Country
      • United States
  6. Language
      • English
  7. Genres
  8. Cast
    1. Bruce Campbell
      • Ash
      • )
    2. Embeth Davidtz
      • Sheila
      • )
    3. Marcus Gilbert
      • Lord Arthur
      • )
    4. Ian Abercrombie
      • Wiseman
      • )
    5. Richard Grove
      • Duke Henry the Red
      • )
    6. Timothy Patrick Quill
      • Blacksmith
      • )
    7. Michael Earl Reid
      • Gold Tooth
      • )

Ash is transported with his car to 1,300 A.D., where he is captured by Lord Arthur and turned slave with Duke Henry the Red and a couple of his men. When Ash is thrown into a pit, he defeats two monsters and wins respect of Arthur's army and vassals. The Wiseman points Ash as The Chosen One that will retrieve the Necronomicon but Ash is only interested in returning home. When he learns that the only way to return to his time is using the Necronomicon, Ash decides to travel to the unholy land of the Deadites. The Wiseman advises that he must say the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto" to safely get the evil book. However, Ash forgets the last word and an army of the dead resurrects to attack Arthur fortress and recover the Necronomicon. The battle between the living and the dead is about to start and the support of Henry the Red is the only way to help Ash and Arthur to defeat the army of darkness. written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. tt0106308
  2. USD 11M budget
  3. USD 12M gross
  4. 12 awards
  5. 7 nominations


Trust No 1 ile birlikte Evil Dead serisinin son halkası olan

Army of Darkness'ı da tamamlamış bulunuyoruz.

Çeviri burada: ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992)

İyi seyirler dileriz efenim. :fl: 

(Bir aksilik çıkmazsa sinema versiyonuna da çeviri yapılacak.)

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