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"The God Question" (2013)

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Kobalamin    109



The God Question (2013–)

  1. 1 season
  2. 2 episodes
  3. 2 hours 38 minutes
  4. TV Series

  1. Rating
  2. Creator
  3. Release Date
  4. Country
      • United Kingdom
  5. Language
      • English
  6. Genres
  7. Cast
    1. Nick Page
      • Narrated by unknown episodes
      • )

Does God exist? On this side of death, how would you ever know? In three fast-moving episodes, The God Question offers an intriguing new approach to the most enigmatic question of all time. Arguments about God regularly draw widespread interest; rarely apathy. This series is attracting millions - and stirring powerful debate across society and the media. written by http://www.flamedistribution.com/

  1. tt5123920
Science.Vs.God.1080p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup.org sürümü üzerinden çevireceğim.
Daha önce dili ağır çevirilere kalkışmadığımdan bu benim için uzun soluklu bir deneyim olacak. İnce eleyip sık dokuyarak ilerleyeceğim. Umarım yıllar almaz :uza:


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Kolay gelsin.

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